• About GLM Israel Group

In recent years, GLM Israel has become a major player and leader in the field of residential construction in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

GLM Israel and its subsidiaries are engaged in entrepreneurship, development, establishment and management of real estate projects for residential purposes, primarily in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

Group companies specialize in identification and betterment of potential properties and land in major areas of demand.

Group’s policy is aims to establish projects in locations characterized by high demand and yield potential.

The group has adopted an efficient entrepreneurial and financial policy, facilitated by creative, professional and conservative approach.

Group owners and its senior employees have an extensive experience in leading various successful business projects in general, and real estate in particular, both in Israel and worldwide.

The firm highly values integrity and honesty, providing courteous and professional service of the highest quality to all our clients.

Owners and founders of the group

Offer Ben Dor

Chairman of the Board

25 years of business experience in general and in the field of real estate, in particular, including management of large-scale firms and investments around the globe. Until 2003, served as the CEO of Nitsba Holdings Ltd. – a leading Group engaged in large-scale investments and businesses in Israel and abroad, totaling billions of NIS. As of 2004, Offer Ben Dor has established and managed investment companies operating in Israel, Europe and the US. His positions required establishment, development and management of large-scale projects, focusing on trade centers, office buildings and residential construction in Israel and abroad.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Offer Ben Dor provides strategic consulting services to major organizations and leads company sale and acquisition, as well as business recovery processes.

CPA and Economist, holding a degree in Real Estate Appraisal and Property Management. Served in Unit 8200, IDF Intelligence Corps.

Engaged in extensive volunteer activities, supporting and facilitating disabled persons in the field of extreme sports.

Oren Peled

Business Development

Lieutenant Colonel in military reserve. Combat Helicopter Pilot, served in the IDF Air Force for 24 years. Held the position of Palmachim Airbase Deputy Commander, which included management and implementation of multiple complex and large-scale construction and infrastructure projects totaling dozens of millions of NIS and were composed of entrepreneurship, funding, management, planning and execution.

In the last decade, engaged in entrepreneurship and management of unique large-scale projects in the field of residential real estate. Among the fields of expertise: identification, management and support of entrepreneurial projects, acquisition groups, National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38) and Gentrification Program in Tel Aviv District.

Active volunteer at the Air Force Association.

Rami Ben Ami


Colonel in military reserve and Naval Officers Course graduate. Held senior positions in the Israeli Navy for 25 years managing large-scale projects totaling millions of NIS.

Following demobilization, he served as a Senior VP at Elbit Systems for 8 years. Afterwards, he was engaged in the field of private construction, initiating and managing projects and serving as a real estate business partner both in Israel and abroad.

Holds an academic degree in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and M.A. cum laude in Engineering and Business Administration from Tel-Aviv University, as well.

Active volunteer at various social associations engaged in youth education and empowerment.

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